With experience that’s seen XXXX projects covered totalling £XXmillion; with £XXmillion in claims settled, our business has been built on construction insurance.

But you don’t reach such heights by offering the same standard service as every other broker.

We believe that the most solid foundation for protecting any construction project is partnership. That’s why it’s the first thing we establish.

Because only then can we work together to not only find the most cost-effective programme of cover, but also reduce the risks that increase premiums.

All of which means one less thing to worry about when the job you’re doing is stressful enough already.

The right professional indemnity expertise for any job

Our construction insurance team offers unrivalled expertise that delivers total peace of mind on plan, on site and on completion.

Not least in the area of indemnity, one of the most important and complex elements of this type of cover. The options, conditions and exclusions of this all affect risk management, so it’s crucial that you plan this with just as much care as your project.

We’re not just qualified to advise on this, but can also review the impact that specific contractual provisions may have and tailor your programme accordingly.

So when it comes to construction cover, you can be certain every last detail is done and dusted.

Talk to our expert team to find out how we can help.

Andrew Bailey

Director of Corporate

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